"I have been using Dryernet to trap lint from my internally directed dryer vent for a couple of months now. It works better than the screen that came with the diverter, and much better than the previous diverter which used a small water reservoir to trap the lint. Both of the other systems resulted in an even layer of dryer lint all over our laundry room. The Dryernet traps all the lint and cleans out easily by turning it inside out and brushing it out with a lint brush and/or rinsing it in the sink. Additionally, I only have to clean it out once or twice a week, rather than once per load like with the screen."

After testing the product for 3 months, Jim and Sandy Atkinson have saved about $25.00 per month for their family of two.

The Dryernet costs $41.99 plus tax and can save you more than that each month in the winter.

It is not often that a “green” product will pay for itself in nearly a month instead of costing more.

Dryernet from "Demo Air Net"

What's Dryernet?

The Dryernet is a system that saves the heat from your dryer and releases it into your house during the cold winter months. Depending on how much the clothes dryer is used, an average family of four could save about $20.00 per month on their heating bill. Only to be used on electric dryers.

Install the Dryernet on the air vent for the clothes dryer and is vented into the laundry room, garage, utility room, or wherever you want free heat. Normally the HOT air is vented to the outside because with the screen for the dryer a lot of lint and dust escapes through the exhaust. With the Dryernet, the air is further filtered down to .5 microns hardly enough for you to smell the laundry smell.

The advantage of the Dryernet is that the user retains heat that would normally be vented outside and also releases humidity into the house which is much needed during the winter season.

To use the Dryernet simply disconnect your dryer vent hose from the vent pipe and pull the Dryernet over the end of the pipe. Pull the bungee cord firm around the pipe and use the clip to keep the bungee cord tight. You can make a nice frame for the hose and Dryernet or just lay the hose over the dryer as the picture shows. Use the dryer as you would anytime and after about 20-30 uses, take the Dryernet off the hose, put it into the washer and wash it. Put it back on wet and use your dryer with the next washer load and it will dry. During warm weather, simply remove the Dryernet and reconnect your vent hose to the outside vent.

Dryernet from "Demo Air Net"

This unique fabric that makes up the “Demo Air Net” is special, on a microscopic level. This fabric goes through 15 steps, last of which heat cures to 480 degrees, locking in the “filtration” properties. This is the stage at which we ensure the micro fibers are locked at the exact spacing to permit airflow, yet retain dust particles of Drywall to Concrete, from passing through the filter.

A big advantage is the heat produced by the clothes dryer can be directed back into the house and helps your furnace heat the house. The more you use the dryer, the more heat is released. Another advantage is an increase in humidity in the house. The filter removes 99.5% of all contaminants in the dryer air. When the filter is dirty, you simply throw it in the washer and then put it back on the dryer. This product can only be used on electric dryers.

Now Only $41.99 plus S&H